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Women in Leadership Need Downtime Too

My clients come from all walks of life. Some are women, others are couples. They range from employees in retail to senior leaders in big corporate. There is no one mould that fits all, and none can be pigeon-holed. I have female clients that work in fashion retail, and others who lead large companies. With couples, of the males some work in construction, and others work in an office.

Almost without exception, whether as a single female or as a female in a couple, the common denominator among my female clients is that that all have a desire to submit. Whatever their preference they all have a need to take a break from their day-to-day lives and relinquish some degree of control for an hour or two. Whilst each has absolutely great and valid reasons for seeking out my coaching based on BDSM, Fetish and Power Exchange, one of the more interesting ones is women in leadership roles in corporates.

After a recent session one of my clients, a lady in a leadership position with a large company in Victoria, talked with me about the pressures of day-to-day life and what she enjoys most about our coaching time together. I am writing this article with her knowledge. For the sake of this blog we’ll call her Sally. No the picture on this blog is not her. You know who you really are.

Sally explained that she felt there was a greater expectation of performance on her by her CEO than there was with her male colleagues on the board of directors. Sally is switched on and has no insecurities about who she is and what she is capable of. Nonetheless this performance anxiety is something that she hasn’t been able to easily shake. She went on to talk about how she was the one everyone called and expected to be available when there was a crisis, and the result was that it was her arse that was canned (in the corporate sense here) if things ultimately went wrong.

Sally is anything but submissive in her work, she has a very powerful personality, and I can imagine that her team march to the beat of a very well beaten drum. She tells me that she is more subdued at home with her family, and also that she doesn’t come to me for sessions for the purpose of feeling small, weak, submissive or anything similar, irrespective of the fact that she is quite the masochist; she also enjoys anal play.

She says that for her our sessions are simply about having downtime, without the need to make the decisions. She enjoys many different aspects of erotic interaction and is happy to allow someone else to decide what is going to happen next. During the session her senses are heightened and she can channel the sexual energy to gain clarity in other areas of her life; enjoying the moment to the fullest and anchoring it with what needs to be done professionally so that she can relive and enjoy the experience of the session many times over as she goes about her professional life.

Everyone has different reasons they want to experience the coaching services I offer based on BDSM and Power Exchange. One of the things I love about what I do is discovering what actions push all of the right buttons with someone. Another is discovering and understanding what it is that makes my service enjoyable for them so that we can deepen those feelings on each subsequent visit, and help them live a more fulfilling life charged with sexual energy, that serves them as their constant companion.

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