Performance Coaching for Executive Women

Successful Woman Executive Performance Training BDSM Master Rick Keizer

Rick provides performance coaching for executive women whether singles or in a relationship. The goals and outcomes vary from client to client. Generally though they centre around improving understanding and value of self; being the best they can be and being held accountable along the way.

Accountability is found in many coaching programs. With Rick’s performance coaching for executive women it is accountability done differently. There is no cookie cutter approach and the training is tailored to your interests, fetishes and boundaries. Sensual and erotic pleasure, pain, and pleasurable pain can and usually do all play a role. Rick provides a safe and sane environment for professional ladies to relax and enjoy discovering a deeply personal BDSM experience.

Rick understands that it is impossible to be anyone other than yourself, no matter how hard anyone tries to put on an act or put on a brave face. This is true in both business and personal lives. No matter how much of a facade some people put up the real you is always there; and she is either in flow or in conflict with herself.  Rick takes a holistic approach providing guidance and a special kind of motivation to help you uncover and live your life purpose.

As such Rick’s performance coaching for executive women can help with your health e.g. weight issues, smoking, and many other forms of dis-ease such as your general state of wellbeing, anxiety, phobias, compulsions, depression, fears, and habitual behaviour.

Rick’s performance coaching clients generally experience some or all fo the following:

  • Discover how your thoughts and actions have engineered over your lifetime what you experience as your reality today and how to consciously change
  • Identify unhealthy relationships and habits that are keeping you below your potential
  • Rapidly raise your performance at work or in private at will in any given situation and to make this a permanent part of your personality
  • Make better decisions that serve you
  • Experience fewer negative and more positive emotions, and have more emotional resilience from minute to minute
  • Pleasurable pain and heightened sexual energy, that they convert through sexual transmutation to greater performance between coaching sessions.