The Rick Keizer Story – Rick Keizer II

I was born in Australia and have travelled extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe, North America, and Asia for more than three decades.

My father had a cabaret strip joint with a commercial BDSM Dungeon in the rear in Sydney back in the late 70’s; although as a kid I was never exposed to it. I guess though kink was in the genes from birth.

It’s a Lifestyle

Understand one thing before reading any further. Like meditation and similar creative energies, BDSM is a lifestyle choice for me. I live it 24/7, I don’t simply play a role to assist in others fantasies from time to time nor engage in it as an act to help people realign. I enjoy my lifestyle and enjoy sharing and experiencing it with others.

It is my mission to help others to develop and extend the boundaries of their likes and limits. I do this by exploring with them their fetishes and fantasies so that they experience their professional and personal lives with the fullest enjoyment and to the greatest extent of the possibilities.

Freedom to Express Yourself

I believe that BDSM gives both the Dominant and the submissive the freedom to express their true inner feelings and desires. In a world where most people walk around playing charades BDSM is a truly authentic expression of who you are and what you feel.

I also believe that BDSM as a lifestyle is hugely fulfilling. When you find the one Dominant person or couple who completes you, or you find the one or many submissives who compliment(s) your household, it brings such clarity and you realise that this was always meant to be.

OK. So that is pretty deep and the reality for the greater majority of people is that relationships are nowhere near this level of commitment. In fact most people are still discovering what they like, dislike, want, don’t want, love, or prefer to avoid about the world of BDSM. Most people are also still discovering themselves. How can you fully express yourself if you do not know who you are?

Structure & Trust Provide Security

Let me give you one final belief, and that is I believe that everyone lives a form of D/s irrespective of whether they practice BDSM or not and irrespective of whether D/s has a formal place in their relationship. I have seen it, you have seen it, with your friends, your relatives; there is nearly always a Dominant one and one who will always perform obediently or at the very least acquiesce to the desires of their partner.

This is a good thing in my opinion as D/s brings structure on which to base all of those amazing and wonderful interactions that you have as a couple or as a polyamory family. You can also always tell when there is no quasi accepted D/s structure. Both fight regularly, often without satisfactory resolution. It’s the old story of too many chiefs and no indians, or in this case two chiefs and no indian.

The Early Years

My first real experience in BDSM was in Germany in the early 80’s. Later I lived for an extended period in New York City, travelling frequently to Asia where I also resided for a brief period.

Throughout my travels I apprenticed with and learnt the classic art of BDSM from a respected Master as well as being introduced to and learning from other Masters and Mistresses internationally. My education in the world of BDSM and the power exchange dynamic included the traditional way of Dominant and submissive (D/s) training and long term D/s relationships.

I returned to Australia several years ago taking something of a sabbatical enjoying all that Australia has to offer. I continued playing only with female submissives and couples with whom I have long standing relationships and whose international business travel brought them to Australia, or close enough to make the jump across.

In the last years I’ve also focused energy on converting my knowledge and experience into coaching programs for professional ladies, couples and aspiring young, and young at heart Dominants; both emerging Masters and Mistresses. Training and coaching can be one-on-one or with multiple people depending upon the desires and intentions of the participants. Where required I provide either a submissive/slave girl or another Dominant (female) to participate.

Something of a Sabbatical

Passion & Play

I am passionate about passing on knowledge and experience through performance coaching and relationship coaching based on the principles of BDSM and power exchange.

I also enjoy private play sessions with submissive ladies and couples. I love playing with people with all levels of experience, from complete newcomers and novices to very experienced submissives who know exactly what they want and are willing to allow someone who knows what he is doing to push their boundaries.

Rick Keizer BDSM Master Sydney
Rick Keizer BDSM Master Sydney

Just Being You

As you explore these pages and consider calling or emailing to enquire about my services, consider where you are on your journey and what you would like to learn and experience next.

You may be a complete novice in BDSM at the beginning of your journey and that is okay, we can take it slow and discover what you like and dislike, pushing your boundaries a little as you progress so that you experience the exhilarating release that comes from giving over control to someone who has the experience for you to trust in the outcome. Or you may have years of experience and are seeking to experience something new or increase the intensity of your play. Either way I know we’ll discover something in you that is truly amazing, and give it the expression it has longed to have.