Anal Facesitting Topping Myth Rick Keizer BDSM Master Sydney

The Myth About Anal Play & Topping

Anal play is fun for both the giver and receiver. Irrespective of whether it’s two girls or a girl and a guy are playing with a strap-on, or two guys are having fun together, each of the participants gains a different type of enjoyment from the play. That enjoyment can be purely physical, or it can be a combination of physical and psychological.

A common myth however is that the psychological aspect is centered around the concept that the person doing the penetrating is the Top, Dom, or Domme, and the person being penetrated is the sub or bottom. In other words, if you are a Top, Dom, or Domme it is not appropriate for you to receive anal. This is not necessarily true.

There are both men and women who enjoy anal penetration without any feeling of submission or of being a bottom. They simply enjoy the sensation and experience of a hard cock or equivalent sliding in and out of their arse. Some men and women have been known to orgasm solely through anal penetration and no further stimulation of the penis, respectively vagina or clitoris, or the G-spot.

It is perfectly normal for a Top in a D/s relationship to use his or her submissive/slave for receiving anal play and anal penetration. The position is irrelevant. What is important is the psychology of who is in control. If you wish however, the submissive can be immobilised through tying them down and the the Top climbs on to satisfy him or her self. In the case of a female submissive obviously use a strap-on. If you choose not to immobilise your submissive and are sitting facing them you can have them pleasure you with their hands and fingers, if you find that appropriate.

If your submissive is male and has a small penis, using a strap-on and pleasuring yourself is a great exercise in small penis humiliation. Also, if your submissive or bottom is a man and he accidentally cums before you are finished, then that is all the more reason you have to punish, chastise, and humiliate him. Not that you need a reason and not that it will compensate you for ruining your fun.

So if you are a Top, Dom, or Domme and anal is your thing, go out and instruct and/or utilise your bottom or submissive accordingly for your own pleasure.

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