Easing Into Anal Play with Master Rick Keizer - Sydney BDSM Master

Easing Into Anal Sex / Anal Play

Anal play / anal sex done right is an act for which we can use our bodies to experience truly pleasurable sensations. Understandably, given the nature of the act and the area, many people are initially either apprehensive or afraid to go there.

The bum is after all a very sensitive orifice. The anus has thousands of nerve ends down there capable of both pleasure when done right and pain when done wrong, as in not the pleasurable pain in the case of the latter.

But the right approach and technique can change that fear, apprehension and pain to something incredibly erotic, extremely intimate and mind blowingly orgasmic. The key to having a great experience every time with anal sex is essentially the ability to relax, and slowly increase size and depth of penetration until you are able to fully penetrate.

Especially for first timers it is important to talk about having anal sex before you do it. This is true also as you progress along your journey until you and your partner are comfortable with each other and the ability to go there at will during sex. Don’t just go there and start poking around.

Keep everything clean. We all desire to have a clean experience and an anal douche or enema is pretty much a given if you are contemplating anal sex. It will improve the experience for both partners as both can engage without worries.

If you are using penetrative sex toys like dildos, vibrators, butt plugs et al be sure that they have flared base so that if you lose your grasp, it will not accidentally slip irretrievably inside.

Butt plugs are a great way to practice and build up the size and depth of penetration. Good butt plugs will stay in and can be worn beneath clothing as you go about your daily life. Doing this also increases the sexual energy flowing through you every moment of the day.

Anal beads are a great way to build up as they graduate from small to progressively larger beads in the chain. Some women enjoy the the feeling and stimulation of beads gradually stretching their anus, while others love the feeling of being full when the entire chain of beads is inside them. Anal beads can be removed one at a time easing the chain of beads out for prolonged pleasure or all at the same time during orgasm to increase the intensity.

Anal penetration requires lubricant. If buying a commercial product silicon based lubricants are preferred. Water based lubricants work as well however require regular reapplication as they dry out. My all preferred lubricant is pure coconut oil, ideally raw and organic.

Unless you are engaging in a role play requiring otherwise, anal penetration should start slow with shallow strokes at first. Gradually increase the speed and depth of the strokes until you achieve full penetration, provided your partner has been worked up to and is able to take full penetration. If you are engaging in a role play that requires direct and immediate full penetration, e.g. a rape fantasy, be sure your partner is warmed up and ready, even if she needs to do some ‘homework’ leading up to the encounter. Remember it is ‘fantasy’ and the desire and intention are pleasure … probably with a degree of desired pain. Keep the mantra of I may hurt you but I’ll never harm you front of mind and you’ll be able to experience anal sex in many different scenarios.

About Rick Keizer

I was born in Australia and have travelled extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe, North America, and Asia for more than three decades. My father had a cabaret strip joint with a commercial BDSM Dungeon in the rear in Sydney back in the late 70’s; although as a kid I was never exposed to it. I guess though kink was in the genes from birth. For more info please read My Story