The Dom sub Dynamic – Being of Service, mutually!

Being of service to others can make us feel empowered.

When you participate in making someone’s life better, you honor that person as well as yourself. As you exert your personal power in ways that benefit others, you derive a strong sense of fulfillment because you see how you have the ability to change the world for the better.

When you’re of service to others, you receive their gratitude, which raises your self-esteem and revitalizes you. By being of service to others today, you can come to understand that even your smallest contributions to the world’s well-being have merit

About Rick Keizer

I was born in Australia and have travelled extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe, North America, and Asia for more than three decades. My father had a cabaret strip joint with a commercial BDSM Dungeon in the rear in Sydney back in the late 70’s; although as a kid I was never exposed to it. I guess though kink was in the genes from birth. For more info please read My Story