I am both a lifestyle and professional BDSM Master. I live the lifestyle 24/7 with a live-in female slave who sometimes participates in coaching  and training sessions.

My various businesses, both kinky and vanilla are a reflection of who I am. I am at home anywhere from the dungeon to the boardroom to the bedroom. I am well travelled internationally, and am speak a couple of other languages competently. For a good understanding of my background and training in BDSM read “The Rick Story – Rick Keizer II“.

My clients range from submissive ladies to submissive and D/s couples. They come from all walks of life. Some are thinkers, others are doers, and they all share an interest in exploring their kink, fetishes, and fantasies, and ultimately becoming the best versions of themselves that they are, whether at work or in private.

I do not believe in stereotyping. Whether a person is in a position of power or totally controlled at work has no bearing on the true reasons why they seek to be submissive to me. My clients include employees, managers and senior executives, to company owners.

I deliver coaching and training only in approved 4.5/5 star hotels respectively serviced apartments accommodation. I also only accept clients with whom there is synchronicity, and shared values. I’m not a service provider, I’m a purveyor of a high-quality experience that I deliver very personally.